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Move and breathe with me.


Hi there! I'm a 200-hour trained Yoga Teacher through My Vinyasa Practice in Austin, Texas. I'm Reiki Level 2 trained through Butterfly Holistics in Holly Springs, North Carolina. I'm a yoga teacher focused on overall wellness. I'm Youth Mental Health First Aid certified and I'm also a varsity and youth swim coach. I hold a counseling-based master's degree in higher education.

I am not a licensed mental health professional, and yoga is not a suitable substitute for therapy. However, study after study has proven the benefit of a yoga practice on the body-mind connection as well as a positive impact on re-training the nervous system.

All the seemingly disparate experiences in my life have led me down a path of service through education, and have brought me right where I'm meant to be. 

Meditation, yoga, and breathwork change the mind, not just the body.

With 60% of US adults and over 30% of teens identifying with regular bouts of stress & anxiety, self-care and mindfulness have never been more important. Through yoga, pranayama (working with the breath), and meditation, we can help down-regulate the central nervous system, leading us to a place of greater inner peace and ease.

I can't wait to talk with you and help you find balance, resilience, and self-care in your daily life. xo


I'm a lifelong learner. Always a student, I'm learning with you, from you, and alongside you.

BA, English + Secondary Education

MS, College Student Personnel

200 YTT, My Vinyasa Practice

300 YTT (in progress), My Vinyasa Practice

Reiki Level 1, Butterfly Holistics

Reiki Level 2, Butterfly Holistics

Essentials of Yin Yoga, Yoga International

Yin Yoga for Your Body, Yoga International

Teaching Pranayama, Yoga International

Explore the 8 Limbs of Yoga Workshop, Yoga International

Adapting Popular Yoga Poses, Yoga for All Bodies

The Science of Slow, Subtle Yoga

The Yoga + Neuroscience Connection, Subtle Yoga

Yoga for Athletes: Practices + Techniques for Force, Flow + Freedom, Yoga International

Chair Yoga Workshop, Shanticentre UK

How to Teach Adaptable + Accessible Yoga Online, Yoga International

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Course for Yoga Teachers, Yoga International

USA Swimming Coach Member

Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification


Bloom with me!

As a Yoga Instructor, I hope to lead you on a path of discovery. I'm confident you will find the peace and joy that yoga provides as you engage in a lifetime of practice and self-care.

Whether you seek relief for stress and anxiety, physical benefits, emotional balance, spiritual growth, or something else, I know you’ll benefit from the practice. I’ve regularly practiced yoga since 2011, and having the chance to share the gifts it's brought me along the way fills me with purpose.

Yoga changes not just the body, but also the mind.

I have no doubt that we all could use more yoga in our lives.

So join me and see how it can help you bloom. 

Yoga at Home


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